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The Barrel Of Monkeys is a classic toy by Lakeside in the 1960s. Original copies like this one had the brown barrel with a paper band around it. The set consisted of twelve monkeys in three different colors although later versions (by Hasbro and/or Milton Bradley) had 16 monkeys, normally all the same color. Here is my original 1966 Barrel (item number 8312) as well as a Six Flags exclusive "Barrel of Taz" (dated 1997, no item number). Last, the Giant Barrel of Monkeys by Lakeside, item number 8303 dated 1966.

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Barrel Of Monkeys

The Monkeys

Giant Barrel of Monkeys

Name: Barrel Of Monkeys
Manufacturer: Lakeside Toys
Vintage: 1966
Obtained: From eBay and Six Flags.
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