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AstroScope by the Ohio Art Company is a way cool battery operated toy. The console takes four D batteries which operate both a light bulb and a pair of motors. Attach two of the six mirrored disks to the motors and you can create moving designs of light on the round screen. My copy of the toy was mint unused in what I'll call the catalog box. As with many toys of this vintage, this one was produced with both a full-color display box for sale in stores and a simple cardboard shipping box when purchased through one of the major catalog retailers. As is also common with the toys I buy, this one didn't work when I got it. I had to tear it apart and unstick and lubricate one of the two motors. There is no date on my box but I believe the toy to be circa 1970 and it is item number 512H. I scanned the AstroScope instructions should you need them.

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Other toys in my collection that use light in interesting ways: Astrolite and MagicLite by Hasbro, Give-A-Show Projector by Kenner, Navy Code Blinker Lites by Hassenfeld Bros, Sky Writer by Ideal. And the other toy in my collection which makes cool designs is Spirograph by Kenner.

AstroScope Toy by Ohio Art

Here is a short video of my toy in action. It's pretty loud so turn down your volume.

Name: AstroScope
Manufacturer: Ohio Art
Vintage: 1970
Obtained: From eBay .
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