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Aqua Diver - The Diving Bell Toy sold through Sears is such a great science based game. A Cartesian Diver toy, one puts the diving bell into the bottle along with the gravel and nautical items and fills with water. Squeezing the bottle causes the diving bell to dive and the hooks on the bottom to open. One tries to land the hooks over a plasic item and releases the pressure on the bottle. As the bell starts rising the hooks on the bottom close and hopefully bring up your item from the deep. Way cool. My copy of the toy is complete and has one of each plastic retrieval items all in red. Item number 245, I believe that it was made by Ideal for Sears. There is no date on the box but it is likely from the early 1970s. The instructions are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Ideal, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers ).

Similar toys were released in the same era by Parker Brothers under the name Sea Diver and by Diversion Dynamics under the name Dyna-Diver ( pic).

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Other nautical toys in my collection include: Twin Navy Code Blinker Lites by Hasbro, Nautics Lab Kit by Logix Enterprises, Sharkie's Diner by Marx, Sub Search and Sunken Treasure games by Parker Brothers , and the Explorer 7 Submarine by Unidac.


Aqua Diver Game sold by Sears Aqua Diver Game Pieces Aqua Diver Game Bottle and Stand Aqua Diver Game Box

Name: Aqua Diver
Manufacturer: Sears, Roebuck exclusive (possibly made by Ideal)
Vintage: 1970s
Obtained: From a toybox visitor.
Other Links: Instructions compliments of Hasbro
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