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    My money and my time went to a bubble-headed booby.

    As a collector of vintage toys, the coolest toy I could ever think of owning would be a full-size replica of the B9 robot from the 1960s TV classic Lost in Space. The original robot was actually a costume worn by actor Bob May, so a replica can either also be a costume or can include animation created using motors, actuators, and electronics. I'm shooting for the latter for my replica.

    As early as 1998 I was thinking of this project and picked up a copy of the book, You Can Build The Lost In Space Robot by Flint Mitchell. But it wasn't until July, 2004 that I truly took the plunge and joined the B9 Robot Builders Club and started gathering parts and doing research. Our friend the B9, and my more recent passion of teardrop trailers, have been consuming a great deal of my time and attention and I'm afraid my toysite may get fewer new and updated pages in the future because of this.


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